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Onboarding Form

Sub Domain name

Please provide us the below requested details

We would require your sub domain name to host the platform. If your domain is Eg:"www.yourdomain.com" then the subdomain that you can host the platform on example: book.yourdomain.com or quotes.yourdomain.com, etc.

Email Domain Will be configured based on the your email ID.

Post confirmation on the sub domain we would send you the DNS & Email domain settings that you would need to configure in your domain and revert.

API - Maersk & Sealand

Share us the Maersk & Sealand SCV code

For Maersk SCV code, login to the Maersk website, click on my account button at the right top, you will find the customer ID, please share it to us.

API - Evergreen (GreenX)


Is LOA submitted online?

Legal status :( Is your company a private limited, public, MNC etc.)
Official Registration No: CMA CGM Registration number.
Full Official Address: The Address as per CMA CGM.
Done at (Place): Your headquarters place
Client’s name: (Company Name)

Use this link to submit the LOA Online :

**NOTE: Currently CMA is supporting only the Contract rates through API, and they have stopped Spot rates temporarily due to CMA API issues. By Feb 2022 it should be live.


Kindly give 50 port pairs that most of the traffic happens through MSC and share it to us over email.


Kindly choose 50 port pairs from the link below and share it to us over email.

*Note: ONE – Coverage is primarily for Asia bound services, please pick the port pairs from the link – https://sites.google.com/one-line.com/portpair Your answer BackNextClear form


Kindly give us 50 port pairs that most of the traffic happens through COSCO (COSCO Currently supports only Export rates) and share it to us over email.


Kindly give us 50 port pairs that most of the traffic happens through OOCL.

API - ECU 360

API - Vanguard LCL

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