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How to Go Customer Facing in 3 Steps with Freightify

Digital freight forwarders are taking the industry by storm with large players being backed by venture capitalists who have poured in close to $3.3 Bn to digitize their operations. But going digital shouldn’t be too expensive and be restricted to only the large players. 

Join us for this webinar on the actionable insights you require to kickstart your digital journey and unleash your freight forwarding potential. 

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You will be Learning

  • Strategies you can follow to skyrocket your profits with automated rules
  • How to showcase only specific instant rates and contract rates for a customer on the instant rate platform
  • Ways to market yourself so you can grow your customer base
  • Step-by-step checklist for you to go digital
  • How you can launch your own white-labeled customer portal in just 3 steps


Ramki Mahesh
Associate Director - Customer Success
Photo of Freightify's Customer success manager Samarth Shah
Samarth Shah
Manager - Customer Success