Brand Story

Story behind the Freightify brand

What makes us a Great Brand?

The pain points we solve make us a great partner to our forwarding clients.

Freight Forwarding is an industry of complexity and chaos.

There are approximately 300,000 global freight forwarders, and the grim reality is that most of them operate in a traditional way involving tons of paper.

Traditional operation in freight forwarding is the Achilles heel, and the best way to overcome operational bottlenecks is to enable digital solutions to the forwarders, which will help them beyond imagination.

The biggest challenge we see is the change of mentality to embrace new systems and processes.

But we are fortunate and happy to see traction among forwarders of all sizes to adopt technology through Freightify.

We are under a severe mission of digitalizing the forwarding business instead of the traditional ways.

The proudest moment and what makes us great as a brand is that we are one of the early starters to solve the problem, and we are emerging successfully and never claimed ourselves as the jack of all trades but Weniger aber besser(Less but better).

Simplifying logistics together with technology

Student: Dr. Einstein, Aren't these the same questions as last year's [physics] final exam?

Dr. Einstein: Yes, But this year, the answers are different.

"Similarly, the problem in freight-forwarding has been the same for ages, but our approach to the situation is new, i.e., digitalizing forwarding."

To stand out from the competition, forwarders should accept that technology will support improving efficiency and productivity.

Being a high revenue market, it's always vital to stay on top of the market and competitors; therefore, sticking to the traditional way, there is a high possibility of losing the traction and momentum.

As the people understood this business's cash flow and potential, many new players have entered the market with a dearth of industry knowledge.

They can withstand the traditional freight forwarders with unwavering faith in technology, which pushes the traditional forwarders to realize the potential of the technology.

This makes Freightify the best strategic partner of forwarders.

At Freightify, we have embarked on a journey, and it has been an iterative process along the way when it comes to our product offerings and our brand equity.

We have been listening to our customers to offer a unique service to companies of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a rate visibility tool, APIs for data, or structure the mess of rate sheets, Freightify has proven to be a reliable and solid partner to the industry.

Now lets see the story behind our logo:

To give a little background about the logo, it boils down to origami if you can pixelate the logo.Ori means "folding," and kami means "paper". It means you will be able to cast a beautiful object within a couple of folds.
Similarly, Freightify wants to solve the problems in forwarding with minimal effort.

Making of logo

There are 7 type of logos,

  1. Abstract mark - Pepsi, Adidas, Nike
  2. Mascot - KFC, Pringles, Michelin
  3. Combination mark - Burger King, Lacoste, Doritos
  4. Emblem - Starbucks, Harly-Davidson
  5. Pictorial - Apple, Twitter
  6. Lettermark - HBO, NASA, IBM
  7. Wordmark - Google, Visa, Coca cola

Each type of logo will give a different feel to the brand.

And since the logo is the first thing new customers will see, we have to make sure to select the perfect logo.

Many people think that sketching is the first step of design, but that isn't the very first step in designing a logo—or in the process of creating anything.

As a designer, we have to communicate our business through the logo.

In that case, the job here is to ask every question about the business—its story, visions, goals, and aesthetic.

But it's your job to try and figure it out by asking the right questions.

Freightify provides technology solutions for sea and air cargo forwarders; hence we tried to fit air and ship in Freightify's brand new logo. If you extract the triangles from the logo, the shape of the ship's forward and the vertical stabilizer/rudder of the airplane can be seen.

Golden Ratio

Have you ever secretly wondered, 'What's so great about the Mona Lisa?'

The answer is the Golden Ratio.

Otherwise known as The Golden Section, Golden Mean, or the Greek letter 'phi,' the Golden Ratio is a handy number that helps to create beautiful, perfectly balanced designs that are aesthetically satisfying on a deep cerebral level.

A lot can be spoken about the golden ratio, but we don't want you to get bored here.

Speaking of our logo, we have implemented the golden ratio. We used the three golden triangles to make the logo.

Color Palette

Research clearly shows that the color or combination of colors with which the brand is identified impacts its perception. It determines whether the company reaches its desired target group with the message, whether its visual identity is compatible with its ideology, and how it wants to be perceived

Strength and expertise, the color of luxury; black is elegant, stylish, associated with premium brands, mystery, discretion, as well as power and sophistication. Seen as a classic. It helps build authority. It creates an impression of professionalism and experience, maturity.
A symbol of cleanness, closely associated with perfection. White creates a quiet sphere around the message on which the recipient is to focus (e.g. claimor value proposition). White also means openness, honesty and peace.

We decided to make black a prime color that contrasts well and will be unique.

We have supplemented the palette with two additional colors (white and blue) that introduce balance and stimulate specific emotions.

In this way, Freightify's image has gained prestige, is dynamic and fresh, but at the same time gives the impression of an experienced and credible company.

The use of this color palette establishes us as technically strong (building solutions, systems architecture) – sourcing from tradition and expertise, but in a unique, non-obvious way.


In his book titled The Book of Survival, Anthony Greenbank wrote:

"To live through an impossible situation, you don't need to have the reflexes of a Grand Prix driver, the muscles of a Hercules, the mind of an Einstein. You need to know what to do."

And yes, we know what we do, and that's our brand Freightify.

In conclusion, the brand really is about fact and emotion. It’s about what you deliver and the emotional attributes associated with it. This emotional quotient increases as the world becomes more visual, more digital, and more connected. Let's together digitalise the world, let's make the communication simple.