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Convert rate sheets of any type to the format compatible with your existing software setup.

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Industry Bottlenecks

Here are some industry bottlenecks that you can solve with our Contract Reader
Making Sense of Rate Sheets
Difficulty in understanding numerous rate sheets from various carriers and forwarders since rate sheets come in various different formats
Inaccuracies in Rates
Incorrect rates conveyed to customers and internal stakeholders can lead to losing potential business
Inability to Access Rates
Incapability to search, access, and use member rates instantly
Slack in Conversions  
Creating global rate conversion of different carriers is a difficult task
Slow TAT
Time taken for creating quotes manually is 18-24 hours. Time consuming quote turnaround time can result in you losing a lot of potential customers
Losing Shipments
There is a high risk of losing shipments due to time constraints
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Industry Bottlenecks

Understanding numerous rate sheets from various carriers and forwarders
Incorrect rates conveyed to customers and internal stakeholders
Incapability to search, access, and use member rates instantly
Time Consuming Quote Turnaround
Risk of losing shipments due to time constraints

Contract Reader

For Procurement Teams, by Procurement-tech Experts To Structure All of Your Prices

Handle Multiple Rate Sheet Formats Without Hassle

Let our algorithms handle the different rate sheet formats like pdf, xlsx you get from numerous ocean carriers. We convert your rate sheets into the required output format without any manual efforts from your end.

Rate Structure for Numerous Applications

We understand numerous TMS/ERP/RMS used by forwarders and we do provide output formats according to the application you use rather than you requiring to provide a knowledge of respective applications

Rate Availability Within a Day

Our USP is to provide the required output format from carrier rate sheets within a day, once our algorithm is tweaked to your output format, rather than wait for up to 7 days in order to make a rate available for sales teams to sell

Easy Processing of Complex Pricing and Surcharges

We understand carrier rate sheets and capture all the additional charges from carriers available along with the structured output rather than you fetching them out separately

Centralized Data Conversion and Handling Without IT Support

Automate and centralize your rate conversion requirements with defined SLA’s rather than having them segregated across different locations without needing any support from your IT Team

Why retail companies are choosing Freightify

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No Need for Internal It Teams
We provide technology where you can simplyprovide your carrier rate sheets and we will providethe output sheet without any manual interventionrequired from your IT teams
Designed for Security
Your data is powerful, and no one shall access itwithout your permission. Discard your worries. Ourinformation security practices are designed tomeet and exceed industry standards. We are ISO27001 - 2013 Certified.
Structured Format for Output
All available charges from carriers would be made available in the Structure Output format (Excel /CSV /API)
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Access all your live SPOT and Contract FCL & LCL Rates. Rates and schedules of each carrier & NVOCC are fetched within seconds
//Remove //Freightify currently provides 10+ carrier rates
Access all your live SPOT and Contract FCL & LCL Rates. Rates and schedules of each carrier & NVOCC are fetched within seconds
//Remove //Freightify currently provides 10+ carrier rates
Access all your live SPOT and Contract FCL & LCL Rates. Rates and schedules of each carrier & NVOCC are fetched within seconds

Why Freight Forwarders Choose Freightify

We were actively looking for a system to digitise our business and ended up choosing Freightify. They gave us clear visibility of Spot rates. Other products and features like live schedules, track and trace, and analytics have helped us to support and understand our customers. Incorporating their new product updates keeps us ahead of our competitors. Happy with their fortnightly check calls guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Claudia Cuevas
Pricing & Overseas Manager
Reviews from our most satisfied customers.
So far the Freightify platform has been a great help to our company. In it we have been able to consult rates quickly without the need to go to each platform, so far we have not had problems using it. 
Paul Sandoval
North Trade Team Leader

Obtaining the right prices to quote our customers used to be a cumbersome process for our team. Freightify has managed to simplify that process for us by fetching all our contracts and spot prices on one screen. We recently won several shipments because we had visibility on our pricing to send out a competitive quote quickly.
Christopher Jessen
Chief Commercial Officer
In the search for a quoting platform to assist our local ocean freight operation and sales teams with essential insights into carrier spot prices and our contracted rates, Freightify exceeded our expectations. We immediately noticed a "customer comes first" philosophy and a desire to innovate and enhance both their platform and our general customer experience. They are a key vendor and partner to NTG Air & Ocean because of their hands-on approach, client involvement in product development, and competitive pricing. Freightify helps us in our quest to provide high-quality service to our customers.
Jan Lundahl Jensen
Head of Ocean Freight Procurement & Product/ Head of Agents & Networks
The platform from Freightify is easy to use and very responsive. We can query for rates within seconds, and it helps digitalise our company by providing access to our customers. To top it all they have a very good Customer Success Team that helps us ease into the system at our convenience.
Hans Peter Langkilde
Country Manager
Onboarding on Freightify was the best part of this project. It was entirely seamless and professional. A robust platform ever. Their rate and quote management workflows have absolutely simplified our pre-shipment activities. I should admit that their automated rate sheet conversion is impeccable.
Amit Patel
General Manager
We are extremely happy about having selected Freightify as a strategic partner for the future. Great product and team. Even though we are not their easiest customer as we are very high-demanding for our partners, we have only seen friendly faces on the other side. They have even incorporated certain requests from our side and have customised the platform accordingly. We are happy about our choice and can only recommend others to do the same.
Tijs Grauwet
Sales and Marketing
We wanted a system to view all our carrier rates with associated charges in one place, and Freightify was the right choice for us. Everything is transparent and visible under one roof.  Extremely happy with their bi-weekly follow-up calls. All our feedback was considered then and there. Freightify, our new set of eyes, has re-energised our business. 
Conor Loughran
Managing Director
Besides Freightify being a simple and easy platform to use, it saves time as a procurement management tool that enables and empowers our team for quick turn-around times to our customers, with options. The onboarding process was efficient, quick and painless, the aftercare and ongoing engagement with the Freightify Team on future enhancements and development remains fantastic.
Heinrich Els
Managing Director
Freightify has made our rate searches much faster. Website and Spot rates are explicit with API and bot solutions, and thus rate management has become hassle-free.  Excellent in converting and simplifying the FAK-rate sheets. Very active and responsive team and outstanding customer service. 
Ilona Bouwmann
Sales Analyst/ ECM
We are very pro-digitisation and finally found a great platform to work with to enhance our sales performance. Freightify gave us the perfect tool to increase our sales, thanks to a prompt and professional pricing search system. Overall our sales team increased both their performance results and rates management. Freightify really delivers!
Alessandra Fremura
We have been happily associated with Freightify for more than 2 years now and are using this platform extensively to procure and manage rates, generate quotes, and maintain our shipment activities. They help us process numerous rate sheets in the shortest TAT. We are giving our customers a smooth experience of getting rates in seconds, and our time to win a quote has reduced substantially.
Martin Pelegrino

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we send and receive our rate sheets?

You can e-mail us or drop your file in the FTP folder/ Project board.

Do you convert rate sheets from all carriers?

We convert all your cluttered data from any carrier to structured rate sheet format.

Can we directly consume your API to obtain contract rates?

You can receive output (Interpreted rates)directly using our API link.

Will our TMS accept the rate structure you provide?

We convert all the rate sheets in accordance with your TMS rate structure format.