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Container Shipping Rate Calculator

A container shipping rate calculator is critical for effective logistics and shipping planning.  

Access to a container shipping rate calculator is not just about speed; it's about accuracy. This tool allows freight forwarders to efficiently provide a quotation that covers all areas of the shipping process for their clients. Freightify, with its commitment to precision, provides all freight forwarders access to a calculator that leverages real-time data from multiple sources to ensure that information is accurate, relevant, and usable.

This article explores the how and the benefits of the Freightify shipping rate calculator.

How Does Freightify Container Shipping Calculator Work?

The Freightify container shipping calculator is a shipping tool that collects the details of the container, including origin, destination, and other information.

The calculator then leverages a collection of data points across multiple sources to consider all relevant factors and new policies that could impact the container shipping rate. The rates are estimated but accurately describe what the shippers can expect. This ensures there are no surprises for all stakeholders.

Factors Affecting Container Shipping Rate

Accuracy in freight rate procurement from a container shipping rate calculator is subject to a number of factors. 

The Freightify calculator is designed to navigate and manage these factors comprehensively. It provides freight forwarders with accurate estimates, allowing them to effectively plan the shipping process in collaboration with shippers. Reliable rate estimates solve a lot of issues for all stakeholders.

So what are these factors?

Route and Distance

The route and distance will vary for every container, and the rates attached to them will be different. A container going through a shorter distance will naturally incur lower charges or rates than one traveling longer distances. The same applies to the route. With the current crisis across land and sea freight, more dangerous routes will naturally attract higher rates. And vice versa.

Fuel Costs (Bunker Adjustment Factor - BAF)

Fuel is one of the critical resources any freight shipping will require. It makes up a chunk of the operating costs and has volatile rates that largely depend on market conditions. Calculators have to consider these and provide the BAF as a surcharge for contract rates. The BAF rises and falls with respect to global oil prices.

Supply and Demand

The demand and supply dynamics play a role in the calculation of freight rates. With too much demand and insufficient available capacity, carriers will increase their rates, especially in the case of the spot market. If there is too little demand and too much capacity available, the reverse will be true as carriers will be forced to reduce their asking rate.

Terminal Handling Charges

Terminal handling charges are fees that ports demand for loading and unloading cargo. However, these charges vary from port to port.

Customs Clearing Taxes

In most cases, the shipping will be subject to customs clearing, which attracts taxes and duties that make up a core part of the shipping cost. The calculator will also consider this based on the updated policies of the origin and destination ports.

Benefits of Using Freightify’s Freight Rate Calculator

Freightify is revolutionizing the world of freight and what it means to calculate rates. The following are some of the reasons why it is ideal for every freight forwarder searching for a calculator:

Instant Rate Updates

Freight forwarders can instantly access all live SPOT and Contract FCL & LCL Rates. The rates and schedules of each carrier & NVOCC are fetched within seconds.

Save 50% of Processing Time

With Freightify, there is zero need to juggle between websites and files for the desired rates. Freight forwarders can save 50% of processing time, allowing them to quote faster and reducing stress levels.

Rate Search

Rate search can be done for multiple port pairs at once. Searches can now be made based on the postal code of a particular region. Schedule a search and see rate search activities on the listing page.


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