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3 must-have digital solutions to enhance forwarders' sales productivity
Learn more about the struggles of sales team in manual freight forwarding process and the go-to digital solutions to enhance forwarding sales.
Freight API Integrations: The Way Forward to Streamline Freight Shipping and Logistics
Learn how tracking and shipping API integrations facilitate a productive supply chain for logistics players, including freight forwarders and 3PLs.
How Can Real-Time Ocean Freight Visibility Lead to Reduced Shipping Costs?
Learn how real-time ocean freight visibility facilitates reduced costs and higher ROIs for shippers, and freight forwarders.
Shipping Surcharges - A guide to commonly levied unavoidable surcharges
Learn more about the role that a forwarding agent plays while decoding additional fees and helping shippers reduce the cost spent on surcharges in this article.
Freightify partners with Freightrise
Getting new leads serves as the oxygen to any business. Learn more on how our strategic partnership with Freightrise can add more value to forwarders' business globally.
Why should Instant Quotation be the top priority for SME forwarders in 2022?
While the supply chain industry continues to remain volatile, digitalizing the crucial quotation process can help control costs and provide instant gratification. Learn more about it in this article.
How will Russia-Ukraine war compound global supply chain problems?
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a new threat to commodity supplies & pricing and will have ripple effect. In this blog, we will look at the expected repercussions of this conflict on supply chains across the globe.
What is the expected pulse of freight industry in 2022?
Rising freight rates in 2021 led to carriers reporting large profits while global trade was impacted. This blog covers the factors that caused this extreme instability and deciphers the road map for 2022.
Is building an in-house Rate Management Solution more profitable than buying one?
Rate management solutions have become a necessity for freight forwarders. In this article, we have discussed the different phases in building a software solution and if it’s worth buying third-party software.
Top 10 features to consider before buying a rate management system
Having a rate management system is necessary for successful forwarding business in 2022. If that's your priority, then have a look at the top 10 features you should look for before buying an RMS solution.
Top 3 secrets to build a profitable freight forwarding business in 2022
Digitalization has transformed traditional forwarding businesses. Learn more on the top 3 aspects a freight forwarder should know about shippers which can make his business profitable in 2022.
Can Automated Rate Management Solutions help in Cost Reduction?
SME forwarders can be cost prudent while automating the procurement and quotation by taking advantage of digital transparency. Learn how they can implement it cost-effectively.
Legislative Reforms & Their Impacts on Freight Rates in 2021
The US and European government have introduced several reforms to tackle the crux of supply chain industry. Learn more on the impacts these reforms had on global freight rates.
Freightify Partners With Vanguard Logistics For Increased Rate Visibility and Instant Quotation
Freightify partners with Vanguard to provide instant LCL rates. Learn more on how this strategic collaboration can benefit customers.
15 Best Logistics Technology Startups To Watch Out In 2022
The evolution of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. Here is list of 15 best log tech startups which are going to make a change in 2022.
Top 5 Busiest Shipping Routes In 2021
Ocean shipping lanes carry a major bulk of the world’s goods and commodities. Find out which routes get the most traffic and learn more about the freight being transported, their local charges and other surcharges.
SPOT Market: An Opportunity For SME Freight Forwarders
Due to space and equipment scarcity, SME forwarders had been excluded from getting contract rates. This can be an opportunity as they can still get access to spot rates.
Is Labor Shortage The Next big Crisis After Skyrocketing Freight Rates?
The labour shortage crisis in the logistics sector is at an all-time high. Learn more on how it can be an excellent opportunity to start a digitalization process, especially in the freight forwarding industry.
3 Hidden Costs Forwarders Face by Avoiding Digitalization
Learn more on how outdated systems can make freight forwarding companies incur hidden costs and what can be done to avoid them.

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