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Digital Tools to augment forwarding business in the Downward Economy
Industry trends show that freight volumes and rates are falling currently. Learn how freight forwarders can sustain their business through Freightify during these volatile times. ‍
Container Shipping Companies - Market Overview 2022 & Rankings
Here's a list of the top 10 international container shipping companies based on TEUs and the number of vessels by the year 2022.
10 best TMS platforms for a robust digital strategy in 2022
TMS is required for effective operations in unpredictable freight markets. This blog explores the 10 best TMS offerings that are making a mark in 2022.
5 best strategies to surpass competition using freight data visibility
Unexpected changes distress the supply chain industry, making it hard to sustain. This blog explains how visibility can be used to outperform competitors.
Freightify as a medium to expand global footprints in freight forwarding
Learn how forwarders can expand globally by servicing customers even outside business hours through digitalization with Freightify.
Maximize ROI with Freight Data Visibility
Learn how enhanced real-time visibility in freight forwarding makes rate management easier and keeps costs in check.
10 Vital Metrics and KPIs for a Successful Freight Forwarding Business
Learn how forwarders can invest in tracking and reporting vital KPIs to help them interpret their business’s health, understand industry trends, and gain market knowledge.
How digital tech in freight forwarding can boost pricing teams?
Learn more about how freight forwarding pricing teams' should be equipped with tech advancements & adaptable digital solutions to enhance their productivity.
ROI Enhancement with Data-Driven Decision Making for Forwarders in 2022
Learn how digital forwarders can make reliable decisions to enhance ROI using data analysis, giving them visibility, transparency, sustainability, and a competitive edge.
Enhancing Carrier Data Coverage with Freightify Link
Learn more about how digital Forwarders can rely on data compilation and conversion tools to increase data coverage, enhance quality, remain agile, and increase their scalability.
3 must-have digital solutions to enhance forwarders' sales productivity
Learn more about the struggles of sales team in manual freight forwarding process and the go-to digital solutions to enhance forwarding sales.
Freight API Integrations: The Way Forward to Streamline Freight Shipping and Logistics
Learn how tracking and shipping API integrations facilitate a productive supply chain for logistics players, including freight forwarders and 3PLs.
How Can Real-Time Ocean Freight Visibility Lead to Reduced Shipping Costs?
Learn how real-time ocean freight visibility facilitates reduced costs and higher ROIs for shippers, and freight forwarders.
Shipping Surcharges - A guide to commonly levied unavoidable surcharges
Learn more about the role that a forwarding agent plays while decoding additional fees and helping shippers reduce the cost spent on surcharges in this article.
Why should Instant Quotation be the top priority for SME forwarders in 2022?
While the supply chain industry continues to remain volatile, digitalizing the crucial quotation process can help control costs and provide instant gratification. Learn more about it in this article.
Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on global logistics and supply chain
Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a threat to the supply chain industry and is expected to cause repercussions globally. Where does that leave businesses worldwide?
What is the expected pulse of freight industry in 2022?
Rising freight rates in 2021 led to carriers reporting large profits while global trade was impacted. This blog covers the factors that caused this extreme instability and deciphers the road map for 2022.
Is building an in-house Rate Management Solution more profitable than buying one?
Rate management solutions have become a necessity for freight forwarders. In this article, we have discussed the different phases in building a software solution and if it’s worth buying third-party software.
Top 10 features to consider before buying a rate management system
Having a rate management system is necessary for successful forwarding business in 2022. If that's your priority, then have a look at the top 10 features you should look for before buying an RMS solution.
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