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15 Best Logistics Technology Startups To Watch Out In 2022
The evolution of technology is pushing the boundaries and changing how the world does business. Here is list of 15 best log tech startups which are going to make a change in 2022.
Top 5 Busiest Shipping Routes In 2021
Ocean shipping lanes carry a major bulk of the world’s goods and commodities. Find out which routes get the most traffic and learn more about the freight being transported, their local charges and other surcharges.
SPOT Market: An Opportunity For SME Freight Forwarders
Due to space and equipment scarcity, SME forwarders had been excluded from getting contract rates. This can be an opportunity as they can still get access to spot rates.
Is Labor Shortage The Next big Crisis After Skyrocketing Freight Rates?
The labour shortage crisis in the logistics sector is at an all-time high. Learn more on how it can be an excellent opportunity to start a digitalization process, especially in the freight forwarding industry.
3 Hidden Costs Forwarders Face by Avoiding Digitalization
Learn more on how outdated systems can make freight forwarding companies incur hidden costs and what can be done to avoid them.
Transparency: The Most Important Pillar Of Future Logistics
Unlocking the full potential of data requires transparency! Learn more on how transparency within the supply chain actors creates an atmosphere of genuine collaboration.

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