Brand Story

Story behind the Freightify brand

Freightify was established in 2016 with the vision to enable freight forwarders of any size for the digitization of global trade.We empower freight forwarders by providing white-labeled rate automation solutions to digitize their rate procurement, rate management, and quotation processes with ease. In addition to this, we also provide track and trace solutions that help freight forwarders in getting the live location of vessels and automated milestones within seconds. To put that very simple we make freight forwarders’ lives easier and allow them to sleep peacefully.

What makes us so great?

You might have heard of the word logistics, but none knows how complex that is and how much fire fighting is done by a freight forwarders. There are close to 300000 lac freight forwarders and majority of them are working in traditional methods operating in tons of paper and we feel this industry is outdated but not broken. Personally we feel this industry is  a decade slow.

We are sacrificing our sleeps to make freight forwarders to sleep peacefully.  We are proud that we are sitting in the nose cone of this industry and trying to give maximum leverage to be successful.

I would say this kind of operation is kind of achilles heels for the industry. As a antidote to traditional freight forwarding techniques. The bigger challenges is the forwarders who are back bone of this industry are luddite and without a forethought that is hampering their own business. We at freightiy give digital touch to the forwarding business as apposed to the traditional ways of freight forwarding. The proudest moment is we are one and what makes us great is we are on of the early starters to solve the problem of rate management.

Simplifying logistics together with technology

The capacity of the logistics industry range from $8 trillion to $12 trillion annually. It’s still growing, but the market is untapped and unstructured.

You cant deny the fact that technology will support improving efficiency and productivity.

A freight forwarder should stand out of rge competition Being high revenue market it’s always vital to stay on top of the market and competitors. Using the traditional way there is a high possibility of customer churn.

As the people understood the cash flow and potential of this business there are many new players who have entered to he market with dearth industry knowledge and being able to with stand the traditional freight forwarders with unwavering faith on technology. They are successfully able to outnumber the traditional forwarders. To bridge this gap the only way is traditional forwarders should adopt technology.

The reason behind the logo:

To give a little a background about the logo, if you can pixelate the logo it boils down to origami. ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper. It basically means within couple of folds you will be able to cast a beautiful object. Like wise freightify wants to solve the problems of the freight forwarding within few clicks.

Making of logo

There are 7 type of logos,

1.Abstract mark - Pepsi, Adidas, Nike
2.Mascot - KFC, Pringles, Michelin
3.Combination mark - Burger King, Lacoste, Doritos
4.Emblem - Starbucks, Harly-Davidson
5.Pictorial - Apple, Twitter
6.Lettermark - HBO, NASA, IBM
7.Wordmark - Google, Visa, Coca cola

Each type of logo will give a different feel to our brand. And since our logo is the first thing new customers will see, so we have to make sure to select perfect log for us. Lot of people thinks that the sketching is the first step of design but that actually isn’t the very first step in the process of designing a logo—or in the process of designing anything.

As a designer, I have to communicate our business through the logo. In that case, my job here is to ask every question i might have about the business—its story, visions, goals and aesthetic. But it’s your job to try and figure it out by asking the right questions. After i asked lot of questions about the business with various experienced people in Freightify, I've got long list of keywords that describing a brand, which guided me to start sketching

Freightify provides service for both sea and air cargo forwarders, so that we were tried to fit air and ship in the Freightify's brand new logo.then we succeed. If you extract the triangles from the logo, that represents the shape of the ship's forward and the vertical stabilizer/rudder of the airplane.

Golden Ratio

Have you ever secretly wondered ‘What’s so great about the Mona Lisa?’
The answer is the Golden Ratio.

Otherwise known as The Golden Section, Golden Mean, or the Greek letter ‘phi’, the Golden Ratio is a very handy number that helps you create beautiful, perfectly balanced designs that are aesthetically satisfying on a deep cerebral level. Cool, huh?

As a brand designer, I can speak much about the golden ratio, but here I don't want you guys to get bored. Speaking of our logo, we implement the golden ratio in that. We used the three golden triangles to make the logo.

Color Palette

Research clearly shows that the color or combination of colors with which the brand is identified has an impact on its perception. It determines whether the company reaches its desired target group with the message and whether its visual identity is compatible with its ideology and how it wants to be perceived

We decided to make black as a prime color that contrasts well and will be unique. We have supplemented the palette with two additional colors (white and blue) that introduce balance and stimulate specific emotions. In this way, Freightify’s image has gained prestige, is dynamic and fresh, but at the same time gives the impression of an experienced and credible company. The use of this color palette brings to mind technically strong (building solutions, systems architecture) – sourcing from tradition and expertise, but in a unique, non-obvious way.

Our Feature

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