12 Lead Generation Tips For Freight Forwarders in 2021

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According to PwC, transportation is going through a time of profound change. Logistics companies are becoming an essential element in the current situation, in which digital marketing is driving the exploration and development of new markets and opportunities for international business.

Without any doubt, the idea of ​​the Internet is to shorten commercial distances, following the dynamics and generalization of more professional, reliable, and efficient freight transport. More and more consumers can purchase products in other countries and receive them at their homes within a strict period through an online company.

Transportation today is essential for many sectors. That is why it is a critical factor in companies' digital marketing strategies.

The move to the digital world :-

  • Offers added value beyond borders
  • Enables access to much larger potential markets
  • Helps in achieving visibility, collecting and analyzing information
  • Improves communication, and supports commercial actions that are being carried out.

In this article, we have mentioned the top lead generation tips for freight forwarders and how they can implement them effectively into their present marketing and sales efforts.

We have covered the following sub headings in detail:-

  1. Make a Difference With Your Competition
  2. Website Optimization
  3. Intent Based Content Marketing
  4. Marketing Campaigns And Social Networks

Make A Difference With Your Competition

Consider The Culture You Address

If your company operates in several countries, you must already know their culture, tastes, and preferences. Knowing these data, you'll know how to differentiate yourself from the competition?
If you have not yet achieved it, the easiest thing is to specialize in a specific market niche, and little by little, you can generate value for your target audience.

Target Your Market

After getting familiar with the culture you will be working with, you can continue advancing for the second differentiator. It is time to offer an exclusive service for your clients.
Here you must think about what to provide your customers which the competition is not doing. As a general rule of thumb, you should focus on markets that big businesses avoid

Add Value

The beauty of having a company is that you can help other people. Therefore, you must continue to add value to your target audience to detach yourself from the competition. A gift and promotion gesture can fit into your sales strategy and at the same time help other people and generate a significant difference.

Website Optimization

Convert Website Into A Complete Management Tool

This type of website allows your clients and workers to have the means to consult budgets, shipping locations, invoices, communicate, etc. It generates a sense of control, professionalism, and modernity that can quickly build loyalty from any customer. This type of website is a method of getting loads by itself and a channel for customer loyalty.

Create An "Interactive" Website

Your website should not be limited to being a mere showcase but should also constitute a differential point that provides added value to your business. To achieve this, it is not enough to bet on a web page that loads quickly, complies with SEO standards, etc. You must also think of a site that can convey your message and seduce visitors. It is the gateway to a large number of potential customers.

Visual Content And Social Networks

The vast majority of companies already follow the techniques and ideas we are talking about. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to understand that the competition will be fierce.
How can you make a difference? By working on content to present it as clearly as possible. Images and video are almost an obligation nowadays; betting on them will make a difference and boost your sales.

Intent Based Content Marketing

Include Valuable Information

There is nothing better than spending a good number of hours creating content and filling your website with exciting and attractive news for your potential audience. The aim is to get their attention and provide them with details of their interest, something that you can achieve, for example, by including an explanatory blog. With this tool, you will quickly climb positions and improve your online positioning, a difference that will mark a notable change for future sales.

Build a Helpful Blog

A blog helps build the brand image through its communication and writing style and its corporate image, colors, and themes it deals with. It improves the company’s positioning in the search engines since each published content represents a new opportunity to appear in the first positions of the search engines if you correctly apply several standards related to SEO.

Create Visual Content And Infographics

Visual content hooks the user and helps disseminate your content on social networks. According to Hubspot, visual content is 40% more likely to be shared on social networks. Use free images to avoid problems.
Infographics almost always have guaranteed success and go viral. Providing information as a summary with graphics and highly visual design elements makes it easy to understand and memorize. Internet users like to save and share them, and it will help you gain more visibility. Remember to always place your authorship on them.

Marketing Campaigns And Social Networks

E-mail marketing campaigns

The Internet offers powerful tools such as e-mail marketing. Your potential audience may not take the step of entering your website or looking for traces of your online presence. That is where it is your turn to play your best tricks and bet on sending the best, most complete, and most striking e-mail to their inboxes. Imagine that you are creating the most beautiful hook that will seduce them to your content website. In this sense, you should not dismiss the idea of investing some budget in a marketing campaign. Organic traffic is one of the most precious assets in the digital age, so it doesn't hurt to accept the hand of a professional to help you improve your conversion rate.

Discounts and promotions

Offer special promotions, such as discounts for multiple shipments or announce bonus miles for shipments that exceed a specific price. Advertise monthly sales or discounts for shipments that follow a set route. It is similar to what the airlines with the lowest prices do at certain times to ensure that the flights are full.

Social networks

More than 60% of consumers search for information on the Internet before buying a product or service. This includes companies, even those in the transport sector. Companies can increase their business opportunities if they know how to manage all aspects of their online business presence and their presence on social networks. Therefore, many transport companies use social networks to publicize their brand, products, or services. Some companies go a little further and use them to build customer loyalty and reach potential customers. Based on the different networks available, the most popular is Twitter (95% of transport companies prefer it), followed by Facebook (79%).


For freight forwarders, digitization is a strategic challenge, as it encompasses more factors than simply moving from paper to electronic format and the ability to find and send information online. The benefits that can be reaped from digitization and the use of new technologies are innumerable.

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