Freightify as an internal tool for Freight Forwarders

February 21, 2019

If you run a service-oriented company, then customer service certainly highlights your day-to-day operations.

As a freight forwarder, customer service is not just basic but a key element to attracting potential customers and retaining a loyal and engaged audience.

People trust companies because of how efficiently and quickly they are able to communicate and address certain issues or inquiries on services.
You can’t afford to trust someone that can’t communicate with you when you need it the most.

There definitely exists some serious pain points for a freight forwarder with a large commercial and sales operation serving customers globally.

 Some of them include:-

  1. High turnaround time is taken to respond to customer queries
  2. Cumbersome effort to gain visibility to daily operations and to evaluate the performance

 After knowing these pain points, the Freightify team worked on them to propose some solutions which included:-

  1. Rate Sheet Automation and instant quote to customers which helps sales team to generate an instant customized quotation at any part of the day without much effort.

    Freightify's phone app also facilitates mobile sales staff to make timely quote submissions via email /WhatsApp etc to take the information to their customer instantly.
  1. Centralized operations and live reporting dashboards which facilitate the decision-makers to gain insight into their business performance from various perspectives like Customer, Lane, Sales member, Carriers, Agents, Branches, etc.


  • Within the first 2 months of Freightify platform implementation, the processing time will be reduced by 50 %.  
  • The early quote benefits the forwarders with an early negotiation opportunity with customers will increase their contract winning probabilities.
  • Centralized operations and live reporting feature will enable the decision-makers to evaluate their business performance on a timely basis and take proactive measure

Till date we have helped 100+ forwarding companies in setting up a digital strategy and products to cater to the current market situation.

Our digital solutions for freight forwarding are easier than ever to implement.

Get access to our platform for the next 7 days to experience the beauty of our solutions.

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