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TPM hosts the industry's most in-depth program each year, delving into the most pressing issues affecting container shippers in North America and worldwide.

The event annually attracts the most senior-level audience in the industry. 

This is the mage from the first day at TPM Tech 2022 event. This event was conducted by JOC.s

It serves as a platform for a week of critical and intensive networking, negotiations, and relationship building among the various parties in the international container shipping supply chain: shippers, carriers, forwarders, technology providers, trucking operators, railroads, ports, terminals, and many others.

What is TPM Tech all about?

TPMTech is the premier conference for the trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community, organized by The Journal of Commerce(JoC) within S&P Global Market Intelligence. 

It is the world's most comprehensive conference on the intersection of global logistics and the technology used to manage containerized supply chains.

TPMTech is a two-day exploration of all relevant trends impacting shippers and the service providers that cater to them. At the event, attendees get access to high-profile executives in the technology space, in-depth sessions, immersive demos, and unparalleled networking

Glimpses from TPM22 & TPM Tech 2022

Event Name TPM22
Venue Long Beach, California
Date 27th February - 2nd March 2022
Delegates participated 200+
TPM22 Theme Relationships Matter

Event Name TPM Tech 2022
Venue Long Beach, California
Date 24th - 25th February 2022
Delegates participated 200+
TPM Tech 2022 - Theme Will Technology Rescue an Industry under Siege?

Logistics is known to be a fragmented industry by mode and geography. Many are concerned that its future is likely to continue being fragmented.

To balance the bridge between the digital and physical supply chains, an enhanced focus on two areas is essential: standardization and integration. This conference proved to be the best place to understand how these physical and digital supply chains can converge.

Have a look at the glimpses of TPM 2022 event through this video

An engaging panel discussion on the rise of no-code and low-code was also highlighted on the future of logistics applications at the conference

Business relationships are critical to making networks work, and attendees seemed pleased to discuss and make connections. TPM Tech 2022 wrapped up on an optimistic note that while the industry continues to face significant challenges, industry leaders must focus on building relationships.

What to expect in TPM23 & TPM Tech 2023?

Event Name TPM23
Venue Long Beach, California
Date 26th February - 1st March, 2023
Theme Picking Up the Pieces

Event Name TPM Tech 2023
Venue Long Beach, California
Date 23rd - 24th February, 2023
Theme Navigating the Land of Confusion

The focus of this conference will be on how the industry is returning to normalcy after Covid-19 and a possible recession. The uncertainty surrounding the post-pandemic reality is a pressing issue as well.

This is the image from one of the panel discussions in TPM Tech 2022 by JOC(Journal of Commerce). The agenda of the panel discussion was, "Ocean Contracting : Is the Dynamic Changed Forever?"

While the industry is doing its best to get back the pre-pandemic normalcy, one way to get there is to acknowledge the interdependence of key parties in the industry and build strong relationships. Carriers require cargo to get going, and acquiring cargo begins with relationships with shippers and forwarders.

TPMTech 2023 will be a place where various carriers, forwarders, prospective technology buyers, providers, and investors will be present. This conference is sure to revive the industry.

Freightify at TPM Tech 2023

Freightify is a Logtech SAAS company founded in 2017 that aims to enable the digital transformation of freight forwarders. The company is expanding rapidly and constantly strengthening its suite of products and technology. 

Raghav Viswanathan, Founder & CEO of Freightify, will be attending TPMTech 2023 and will be one of the speakers. Having worked for organizations like DHL, Panalpina and Vodafone, Raghav combined his expertise in technology and logistics to solve complex freight forwarding challenges.

The details of the panel discussion are as follows:-

Agenda The Forwarding Metrics That Matter
Date and Time February 24th, 2:15 - 2:45 p.m. (PST)
Speakers Raghavendran Viswanathan, Alexander Nowroth, Robert Petti, Angela Czajkowski

This session will highlight how 3PLs can move beyond the vague idea of technology "improving things'' and toward concrete metrics against which they can demonstrate the efficiency of their investment.

We are looking forward to meeting you at TPMTech 2023.

Meet us at TPM23 &TPM Tech 2023 by registering for the event immediately!

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