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SPOT Market: An Opportunity For SME Freight Forwarders
Due to space and equipment scarcity, SME forwarders had been excluded from getting contract rates. This can be an opportunity as they can still get access to spot rates.
Is Labor Shortage The Next big Crisis After Skyrocketing Freight Rates?
The labour shortage crisis in the logistics sector is at an all-time high. Learn more on how it can be an excellent opportunity to start a digitalization process, especially in the freight forwarding industry.
3 Hidden Costs Forwarders Face by Avoiding Digitalization
Learn more on how outdated systems can make freight forwarding companies incur hidden costs and what can be done to avoid them.
Transparency: The Most Important Pillar Of Future Logistics
Unlocking the full potential of data requires transparency! Learn more on how transparency within the supply chain actors creates an atmosphere of genuine collaboration.
Build vs Buy - A Freight Rate Management Solution
In this article, we have discussed the pros & cons of developing software in-house vs. purchasing a commercial solution.
The Real Cost of Manual Rate Management for Logistics Businesses
Learn more on how automated rate management solutions allow the company to achieve higher productivity levels with a smaller workforce.
Need For Automated Rate Management Solutions For Forwarders
Learn more on how automated rate management solutions can be a game-changer in the freight forwarding industry.
Need For Cloud-Based Logistics Solutions For Forwarders
Learn about the importance of emerging cloud-based logistics solutions for freight forwarders and its benefits into their logistics business.
12 Lead Generation Tips For Freight Forwarders in 2021
In this article, we have mentioned the best lead generation tips for freight forwarders and how they can implement them effectively with the help of digitization.
What Factors Drive Volatile Shipping Freight Rates & Shipping Cycle?
The volatility of shipping rates has increased substantially. This article talks about the causes and trends of freight rates and container shipping cycles.
Impact of European Summer Break on Freight Prices
This blog explains how the European Summer Break has impacted current freight rates. Future trends and data-driven methods
Amazon's bullwhip effect on supply chain : Worth it?
This article examines the Amazon effect and its strategy for transforming logistics industry through digitalization.
Yantian Congestion & 4th July Impact on Global Shipping Rates
Learn more on how the Yantian port congestion and 4th July demand affected the global shipping rates.
10 Best Practices While Choosing Right Freight Software in 2021
In this article, we will learn about what freight forwarding software is, its functions, and how to choose the right freight forwarding software for your logistics business.
10 Reasons Why Digitalization Should be Priority for Logistics Businesses in 2022
‍As digitalization grows in the logistics industry, it's not about whether you do it, but how. Here are 10 reasons why digitalization adds value to your business.
Maersk Line - The Leader in Global Trade
Let's have a look at the technological initiative taken by Maersk Line.
A-Z GST rules for Freight Forwarders
Get answers to all of your questions related to GST rules for Freight Forwarders.
Freightify as an internal tool for Freight Forwarders
Learn how a freight forwarder can reduce 50% of processing time and costs using our solutions!
Freightify integrates Maersk Spot for Freight Forwarders
Learn how Freightify’s initiative to integrate Maersk Spot into its digital platform takes this revolutionary product directly to the forwarders and makes their lives easy.
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