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Enable online quotes and bookings for shipper, agents or partners

How it works

Use your dedicated website for more than just information of what you offer as a forwarder. Your website can work as a unique sales channel. Provide instant quotes and receive bookings online directly from your own website. Online quotations and bookings have now become the norm in the forwarding industry. Freightify offers a one- stop-system to handle online sales of forwarding services.

Provide Your Customers Online Access to

The customer portal by Freightify can be equipped with the products of our suite
  • Create an online customer engagement platform directly from your own website
  • Have agents, shippers, and worldwide partners browse rates
  • Let your customers track their cargo
  • Set predefined margins per customer or group
  • Customer portal which allows customers to view all activities and documents produced
  • Quote online
  • Receive online bookings
  • Fetch SPOT and contract rates from major carriers on your online platform


Can my customers create bookings on the platform?

Yes, your customers can easily create bookings, on the fly, based on the rates selected

Are the bookings made on the platform, directly mapped with carrier website?

Currently, none of the bookings made on the platform are carry forwarded to specific liner websites, we expect the freight forwarders to make the necessary bookings in carrier platform, on their own

Do you provide different booking statuses for my customers to understand?

Yes, booking statuses can be customized according to your need

Can my customer upload documents?

Yes, your customers would be able to upload documents and will be able to view documents uploaded by your team.

If I am looking for an integration with my ERP, would you be able to pull/push booking information from the ERP?

Yes, we can help integrate with ERP of choice and it can worked out on a case to case basis

What TMS/ ERP Integrations are currently available out of box?Currently, we have the following integration in place

Yes, we can help integrate with ERP of choice and it can worked out on a case to case basis

Rate Procurement

Live API access to SPOT and contracted rates from carriers and NVOCC's. Get the complete overview of your procured rates in seconds.

Rate Management

Let our algorithm handle the different data formats from carriers, nvoccs,or trucking providers and get full visibility of your own procured rate in one single database.

Quotation Engine

Send quotes/receive bookings directly to /from customers using your own online platform.

Track and trace vessels within seconds by getting their live location using Freightify.
Track and Trace

Track and trace vessels by getting their latest milestone and also receiving automated milestones. Amend milestones to your process.

Track all the performance metrics of your logistics business using Freightify.

Track overall activity and performance metrics like Quotes, bookings , TEUs, etc. and even your win rates ,best performing products per geography,etc..

TMS integration from your present TMS system to Freightify syatems.
TMS Integration

Seamlessly push data like organizational feed, rate feed, schedule feed, and event updates, back and forth, from your present TMS to Freightify systems.

Our Feature

Rate Procurement
Rate Management
Quote Engine
Customer Portel
Track and Trace
TMS Integration

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