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Top Cargo and the Evolving Industry Landscape

Navigating through Troubled Waters: The Struggle for Streamlined Rate Management

Embracing Freightify for Improved Efficiencies

Strong Customer Relationships Leading to Higher Revenues

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“Freightify has helped my business! This shipping rate management software allows us to quote faster and close deals faster. Its intuitive interface slashes time spent on quotes, letting me respond swiftly to clients. Real-time data and insights streamline negotiations, helping me close deals faster. "

“Thanks to Freightify, my revenue has increased and I'm more productive than ever. This tool is a must-have for any business aiming for efficiency and growth!”

Martin Pelegrino

Vice President, Sales and Pricing,
Top Cargo

Top Cargo and the Evolving Industry Landscape

With a history spanning more than 20 years, Top Cargo has earned a solid reputation in the industry largely, thanks to its excellent customer service. Their strong name brings in inquiries from top corporations and customers every minute, driven by word of mouth and solid referrals. Operating with a compact team of three individuals responsible for sales and pricing within the NVOCCs and 3PLs domain, Top Cargo turned to Freightify to fulfill their rate management requirements.

“We don't go to get customers, we are not aggressive in doing marketing. Customers come to us through word of mouth. We are lucky to have a good quantity of customers and corporations every day that we receive inquiries every minute”

Martin Pelegrino
Vice President, Sales and Pricing, Top Cargo

Embracing Freightify For Improved Efficiencies

Seamless Rate Search in One Platform

With Freightify coming on board, the narrative shifted. Freightify's modules became an integral and instinctive part of Top Cargo's daily operations.
Freightify enabled Top Cargo to seamlessly engage with industry giants like Maersk, Hapag, Sealand, My MSC, and ZIM within a single platform. This not only facilitated but proved instrumental in granting them access to Real-time SPOT rates, empowering them with timely and accurate information for informed decision making.


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Expert Rate Management:

With Unparalleled expertise, Freightify's backend team handled the complexities of rate uploads thus ensuring accuracy and timeliness of processing rate sheets within 24 hours or less helping Top Cargo expedite deal closures.

Accelerated Enquiry Responses:

With Freightify, Top Cargo experienced the seamless fusion of contract Rates and live spot rates in one window thus streamlining and enhancing effective rate management. Processing inquiries became swift such that Top Cargo was able to process 20-30 inquiries within the same time frame. The erst while daily Excel struggles transformed into a powerhouse of productivity, accelerating rate searches, management and response to inquiries.

Strong Customer Relationships Leading to Higher Revenues

The white labelled Digital Booking Portal, tailored and exclusive for each client, has become pivotal in enhancing Top Cargos customer relationships. Its capability to handle client rate searches and inquiries in real time has proved to be invaluable, allowing for instant responses and faster deal closures.


By adopting Freightify, Top Cargo was able to transform its price management operations and increase its revenues by achieving enhanced efficiency, improved customer relationships, and accelerated deal closures. In conclusion, Freightify has proven to be a transformative tool for Top Cargo, aligning seamlessly with their business goals and propelling them towards greater efficiency and growth.