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Rate Management

Automated conversion of rate sheets in all formats
Optimize rates by attaching sailing schedule information

Minimal manual intervention is key to the successful maintenance and securing of new customer relationships.
For Freight Forwarders to stay on top of the market, they need the best tools available to manage the mess.
A Rate Management Solution helps Freight Forwarders consolidate, optimize, and streamline the flow of contracts and rates coming in from various providers, enabling their main Unique Selling Proposition as a balanced multi-carrier provider.Our RMS solutions cover the gap between your internal departments by providing visibility to your sales and pricing teams.

Our solution covers all MoTs
Pre and On Carriage

Automated conversion of rate sheets from sea and air carriers as well as pre & on-carriage tariffs

Need for Rate Management Solution

Freight rate management Freightify platform
  • Ease access to pricing information
  • Centralized data handling
  • Internal transparency
  • Easy processing of complex pricing,
    surcharges, and alternative routes
  • Handle different rate sheet data formats
  • Manage different currencies

Get Full Visibility of All Freight Rates and Own Procured Rates with Freightify

  1. Integrate 90% sailing schedules through API
  2. Optimize rates by attaching schedules
  1. Add a charge or introduce zip code prices
  2. Assign roles to staff and key members
  1. Manage different currencies

We Integrate With All Major Carrier Formats to Provide Updated Prices

Easily Compare
Your Buy Options
and Identify Your Best

Adjust Your Pricing Based on Current Available Options

Margins can be set per customer, origin/destination, equipment or on carrier
level as a percentage or a fixed margin

Rate Sharing

Publish rates in Freightify and share instantly across platforms and networks

Still in doubt?


Do you manage the rate sheets I receive from carriers?

Yes, we manage rate sheets from numerous carriers across the world

What formats can you process rates?

We support all popular formats likeExcel, CSV, PDF, Email, screenshots and many others.

Which modes do you support for rate sheet management?

We support Ocean,Air& Road/Rail rate sheet management.We are expanding into other modes, get in touch with our team to know more

I do not want my customer to see the carrier. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible, this would require a bit of further development only after a go ahead from the product team.

How accurate are your currency conversion rates and to what is it linked?

Our platform conversion rates are linked to XE. They are accurate and updated in real time

How do you process the rate sheets?

We have designed a specific program that identifies the various rate components of a rate sheet and converts it to structured form, that is available to search

Do you provide schedules along with my rates?

Yes, we do provide carrier schedules along with rate management

Do you manage rates from my agents?

Yes, we can manage the rates of your agents as well

What currencies do you support?

We support all the popular currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, INR, SGD, AED and many others. If there is a currency you are looking for that is not available, drop us a mail and we will be sure to support it

Where are you procuring the currency conversion from?

Our platform conversion rates are linked to XE.

Can I add Currency markup or uplift?

Yes, you can specify the markup % and the charge currencies would be marked up accordingly

Can I provide a specific currency conversion?

Yes, you can specify a currency conversion and the totals would be displayed accordingly

Rate Procurement

Live API access to SPOT and contracted rates from carriers and NVOCC's. Get the complete overview of your procured rates in seconds.

Quotation Engine

Send quotes/receive bookings directly to /from customers using your own online platform.

Booking Customer Portal for Freight Forwarders
Customer Portal

Fetch SPOT & Contract rates from major carriers by creating an online customer engagement platform directly from your own website.
Add margins and quote your customers online within seconds!

Track and trace vessels within seconds by getting their live location using Freightify.
Track and Trace

Track and trace vessels by getting their latest milestone and also receiving automated milestones. Amend milestones to your process.

Track all the performance metrics of your logistics business using Freightify.

Track overall activity and performance metrics like Quotes, bookings , TEUs, etc. and even your win rates ,best performing products per geography,etc..

TMS integration from your present TMS system to Freightify syatems.
TMS Integration

Seamlessly push data like organizational feed, rate feed, schedule feed, and event updates, back and forth, from your present TMS to Freightify systems.

Our Feature

Rate Procurement
Rate Management
Quote Engine
Customer Portel
Track and Trace
TMS Integration

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