Rate Procurement

Live API access to SPOT and contracted rates from carriers and NVOCC’s
Get a complete overview of your procured rates in seconds!

Why are Automated Rate Procurement Solutions needed ?

Need for Automated Rate Procurement Solutions

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  • Save money based on live data
  • Benchmark Spot vs. Contracted rates
  • Increase quoting velocity
  • World wide coverage
  • Increased transparency

Fetch SPOT or Contract rates on Your Platform from Top Carriers

Save 50% of Processing Time with Freightify

Freight rate management Freightify platform
  • Complete overview of carrier rates
  • Browse live rates for FCL
  • Browse global pre and on-carriage LCL rates
  • Get contract rates in a live feed

Our Enablers

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How are rates digitally procured from carriers?

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Rates are digitally procured from carriers via API (Application programming interfaces), through numerous systems for data exchange. In addition to API’s, we use bots to fetch rates from carriers

Do you procure Spot rates or Instant Quotes?

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Yes, we do procure Spot rates or Instant Quotes from numerous carriers

Can you procure my contract rate?

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Yes, we can procure your contract rates from your carriers

What is the time taken to procure a rate digitally?

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Generally, the time taken varies from 30 seconds to 1 minute to retrieve a port pair rate

Which carriers do you support for digital rate procurement?

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We support all the popular carriers including Maersk, Sealand, CMA CGM, Evergreen, ECU, Vanguard and many others. If there is a carrier you are looking for that is not available, drop us a mail and we will be sure to support it

Are schedules provided along digitally procured rates?

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Yes, we do provide carrier schedules along with digitally procured rates

I have rates sheets in excel, how can you help?

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Please refer the rate management section for more details

A man sitting comfortably in a chair and looking at various contracts and rates coming in from multiple providers on a mobile screen
Rate Management

Let our algorithm handle the different data formats from carriers, nvoccs,or trucking providers and get full visibility of your own procured rate in one single database.

Woman looking at various rates and pointing her finger at a particular quote
Quotation Engine

Send quotes/receive bookings directly to /from customers using your own online platform.

Booking Customer Portal for Freight Forwarders
Customer Portal

Fetch SPOT & Contract rates from major carriers by creating an online customer engagement platform directly from your own website.
Add margins and quote your customers online within seconds!

Track and trace vessels within seconds by getting their live location using Freightify.
Track and Trace

Track and trace vessels by getting their latest milestone and also receiving automated milestones. Amend milestones to your process.

Track all the performance metrics of your logistics business using Freightify.

Track overall activity and performance metrics like Quotes, bookings , TEUs, etc. and even your win rates ,best performing products per geography,etc..

TMS integration from your present TMS system to Freightify syatems.
TMS Integration

Seamlessly push data like organizational feed, rate feed, schedule feed, and event updates, back and forth, from your present TMS to Freightify systems.

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