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Refer a friend and win exciting rewards

What do you get?

  • For every referral who signs up, you get up to $1000 as cash rewards/features.
  • You can publish your agents' rates to them and vice versa through the rate distribution feature of Freightify and expand your business.

What does your referral get?

  • They get up to 20% off their premium when they sign up through your referral.


When will I get my rewards?

Right after your referral onboards as a customer with us, your rewards will be credited to you.

Who can I refer?

Any freight forwarder/NVOCC/3PL/Freight Network who is not already registered with Freightify

Is there a limit on the number of new customers I can refer or the amount I can earn from this program?

There is no limit to the number of customers that you can refer, nor on the amount you can earn from this program. You are encouraged to refer as many new customers as you can.

How do I track my earnings?

Our business development team will notify you on a successful referral status, and you can also check it with our customer success team.